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Single Use Disposible Art Installation

Mid August through October

SW 9th and Morrison Downtown Portland


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October 20th, details TBD


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Our Mission
To use Trashion as art for social change in order to inspire individuals toward mindful consumption, creative re-use and conscientious disposal.

So What's the Deal with Trashion?
Just like it sounds, it's a combination of trash and fashion….trash fashion…or as we like to call it, Trashion.

What We Do
We address our society’s manic consumption habits and disposable culture by using Avant-garde Trashion as a powerful tool to: 
  • Captivate audiences through visually striking artwork
  • Create awareness about the impacts of our consumer and disposal habits
  • Inspire creative reuse by engaging individuals in interactive activities
  • Provide resources and alternative solutions for more sustainable habits
How We Do It
We use our Trashion in two ways:
  1. Our Trashion for the Masses not-for-profit program brings sustainable art experiences to the public for no or low cost through our own event productions and public art installations. Check out our "Trashion Around Town" page for some ideas on how we do this.

  2. Our Trashion Show Event Entertainment is a fee based, for-profit service providing trash fashion shows as sustainability relevant entertainment for public and private events.  Check out our kit below for more details or just get in touch. 
If you would like more information about licensing our after-school and summer camp programs, licensing the Junk to Funk name or are interested in a custom commission we do all of that too.  Just drop us a line and let us know how we can help you with your Trashion visions.

Why We Do It
It’s no secret; our society has become addicted to stuff.  The making, distrubution and using of our stuff uses a ton of natural resources, toxics, energy and creates a ton of waste resulting in monumental environmental and social impacts.  The fact is that we consume. The problem is that we are buying and throwing out more stuff than ever and our consumption patterns are unsustainable. 

At our current rate of consumption we will need about four planets to satisfy our demands in coming years.  Since we don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon, we think a paradigm shift in consumer-related behaviors is needed in order to conserve the well being of the planet and it's people.
So Are We Telling People To Stop Buying Stuff?
Of course not, everyone must use some stuff to meet his or her basic, aesthetic and daily activity needs.   But how crazy is it that we spin on the wheel of work, work, work so we can buy, buy, buy?  Clearly our stuff isn't making us happier.  We're just asking folks to consider, what it would look like if we were to do things a little differently . . .

Imagine a world in which there was no such thing as trash; that everything that we “threw away” was perceived as a valuable resource, used to create something new or as a nutrient for the earth.  

What if long-lasting and repairable purchases ruled over cheap prices, durable was more convenient than disposables, and we valued doing stuff instead of buying stuff?

Consider that low-impact doesn’t mean sacrifice, but is a means to reclaim our time, money and pursuit of happiness
What if the ultimate measure of coolness was how little you bought, how much you shared and how much you creatively reused?

The time is right, rather than waiting for mandates and bans to deal with the problem, for us to lead the change ourselves. Let's make waste a thing of the past.   Haste makes waste so let’s get on it.  And to quote Time Magazine, “Let’s not blow it – good planets are hard to find”. 


Making Powerful Trashion Statements Since 2006
Many of you who are familiar with Junk to Funk know us as the 'Recycled Fashion Show Contest'; an annual competition of wearable art and Avant-garde fashion created out of trash, produced in Portland, OR from 2006-2009.  The event combined art, fashion, sustainability and innovation, generating sold-out audiences who haven't viewed trash the same way since.

Beyond the Runway; Introducing the Junk to Funk Trashion Collective
We have expanded beyond the singular event to bring you new programs and projects throughout the year.  Due to these changes we have a new name; the "Junk to Funk Trashion Collective" where we are bringing 'Trashion Edutainment to the Masses'!