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Single Use Disposible Art Installation

Mid August through October

SW 9th and Morrison Downtown Portland


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October 20th, details TBD


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Please note that Junk to Funk is on hiatus for an indefinite period of time.  This website acts as an archive of the collective Trashion work of everyone involved and as inspiration to others in their Trashion endeavors.  I am eternally grateful for all of the support and adventures with some of the most creative and passionate people I have had the pleasure to know.
Yours in trashion,
Lindsey - Junk to Funk Founder and Chief Instigator

Introducing Junk to Funk

Junk to Funk is a Portland, OR based "Eco-Edutainment" company.  We use Avant-garde trash fashion, which we call “Trashion” created out of discarded materials to get people to think differently about waste and their relationship to "stuff".  


You’ve likely seen our Trashion at our sold-out runway shows hosted annually by Mayor Sam Adams, or entertaining some of our clients such as the GoGreen Conference, OHSU or Vitaminwater.   Perhaps you caught our installations at the Galleria Building downtown or the Portland Airport, which alone generated an estimated 3 million impressions? 


Our goal is to inspire sustainable behavior change for the well being of the planet.  So how do we do this? Well we use our Trashion in two ways;

  1. Our Trashion for the Masses not-for-profit program brings sustainable art experiences to the public for no or low cost through our own event productions and public art installations. Check out our "Trashion Around Town" page for some ideas on how we do this.

  2. Our Trashion Show Event Entertainment is a fee based, for-profit service providing trash fashion shows as sustainability relevant entertainment for public and private events.  Check out our kit below for more details or just get in touch!

If you would like more information about licensing our after-school and summer camp programs, licensing the Junk to Funk name or are interested in a custom commission we do all of that too.  Just drop us a line and let us know how we can help you with your Trashion visions.