Junk to Funk

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Single Use Disposible Art Installation

Mid August through October

SW 9th and Morrison Downtown Portland


ReUse ConEx

October 20th, details TBD


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Junk to Funk is now a

sponsored project of Fractured

Atlas, a non-profit arts service

organization.  Contributions for the

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made payable to Fractured Atlas and
are tax-deductible to the extent

permitted by law.

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The Chief Instigator

Lindsey didn't know what she was getting herself into when she started Junk to Funk.  After producing four years of the "Recycled Fashion Show Contest", resulting in sold out crowds and the culmination of amazing creatives, she knew she had hit something big.  She knew that through Trashion, there was a story to tell.

Discovering there was a tremendous amount of opportunitiy beyond a runway show, in 2010 Lindsey switched gears and re-branded Junk to Funk the "Junk to Funk Trashion Collective" to represent the wide variety of people and programs that made up the movement beyond the runway.

Lindsey considers herself a cultural creative, is a fanatic about recycling, is striving to learn about our culture of consumption and product stewardship and is committed to fighting the good fight.  She is also the owner of Elysium Events, an event greening company in Portland, OR.  In her free time Lindsey likes to enjoy life.