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SW 9th and Morrison Downtown Portland


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October 20th, details TBD


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Taylor Cass Stevenson

Always in search or more junk for her trunk, Taylor’s ‘Trash-mobile’, when not broken down on the side of the road, helps her transport waste and art between Portland and her rural home in Goldendale, Washington.  Junk to Funk not only inspired Taylor to learn how to make clothes, but has provided her with a constant source of creative community and opportunity for overcoming her fear of the catwalk.

A pragmatic do-gooder, her life’s mission includes helping to put people and things back into service.  Her art and social work have taken her to trash heaps around the world in pursuit of the meaning of life, death and disposal.  Taylor will soon be living in Tokyo researching waste and its relationship to peace and security…so expect some future Junk to Funk garments with Asian flare.  You can visit her website at www.livedebris.org

Jen LaMastra

Since Junk to Funk's inception Jen LaMastra has been an eager participant.  Before Junk to Funk, Jen was a lonely trash dweller. Without a thriving community of change makers or an audience to present her fantastically bizarre wearable trash, Jen was just a strange trash hoarding weirdo.  Junk to Funk both inspired the artist within, and gave fire to the teacher, student, and humanitarian.  The more Jen chooses to use industrial run off as art supplies, the more conscious she becomes of her footprint in this world.  Through creative reuse, she'd like her path to inspire great change.  Dumpster diving may have started off as a way to save money on art supplies, but it changed the lens in which sees the world.  

Jen has a B.F.A in design and technical theater, as well as being a licensed cosmetologist, and graduate of Dell' Arte School of Physical Theater. Jen has an accessory line of repurposed game boards.  You can check out her work at www.jenlamastra.com

Traci Price

Raised in NJ, Trashionista Traci Price developed an aversion to garbage at an early age.  Drawn to more conscientious climates, she ultimately made her way to Portland where a poster for Junk to Funk caught her eye and lured her love for creative reuse to the House of Trashion.

A master of sports psychology, dabbler in adventurous pursuits, and an environmental educator by trade, Traci is committed to living a life that challenges the idea of doing business as usual. She believes in our ability to change the world, one crafty repurpose and rethought of our trash at a time...

Emily Hyde

Emily Hyde finds her way to calling Junk to Funk home after a long journey through trash, art and performance. She has been a teacher, costumer and performing member of several dance and aerial performance groups. She thoroughly enjoys creating and discovering the new intersections of fashion, design, architecture, social justice and artistic collaborations. She is a strong believer in the larger message that is contained in redefining the purpose and destiny of trash.

Starting in her early teens Emily found inspiration in reconstructing and re-purposing local trash starting with her grandmother's button collection. She has created outfits inspired from ordinary household items, to extraordinary dumpster finds.

You are just as likely to see Emily waist deep in a heap of trash slated for the dump as you are to find her on the runway modeling her wears.

Ruth Waddy

Photo and bio coming soon