Junk to Funk

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Single Use Disposible Art Installation

Mid August through October

SW 9th and Morrison Downtown Portland


ReUse ConEx

October 20th, details TBD


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Junk to Funk is now a

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Rio Wrenn

Rio Wrenn is a participating artist in Junk to Funk.  She is professionally a visual artist, textile designer and a lingerie designer. Her collection is under the name R.A.W. and she has been creating lingerie as well as making recycled garments for the past three years. All the textiles she dyes are colored with natural dyes and rust. She has been practicing these techniques for the past nine years which has led her to the mission of uncovering the beauties the earth has to offer and find ways to reuse the waste we as a society create.

She has used things such as tea bags, lace curtains, vintage trims, plastics, bed sheets, auto upholstery, old wool sweaters, doilies, bottle caps, netting, leather, vintage fur, ect......

Brian Leavitt

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Jasmine Samples

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Kristin Olson Huddle

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Rita Keating

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Cheryl Lorhman

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Adrienne Duckrow

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Colleen Meizejeski

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Addy Kessler

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Bethany Moore-Garrison

Bethany is an artist whose work embodies the emotional body through working with form. 
 In working solely with salvaged materials, she gets to re-create an object and transport it into a new "body". The materials themselves hold so much of their own beauty and intrigue....she gets to play with the energy of that and create new work that is a mixing of their story and my own. 
Her work, that she refers to as "Dress Forms", explores the many aspects of the female form and brings you up close to the raw edge of femininity and beauty.