• Place your thermostat several degrees lower in winters and a couple of levels high in summers to save heating and cooling expenses.
  • Unplug appliances when you are not using them use a Wise power Strip which sensations when appliances are cuts and off ghost or vampire energy usage.
  • Of the energy utilized to machine clean clothing goes into heating the water.
  • Utilize a drying rack or clothesline to conserve the energy used during system drying.
Non-potable water
Non-potable water
  • Take shorter showers to decrease water usage. This may cut your heating and water bills.
  • They do not cost much, and the energy and water savings can easily repay your investment.
  • Be sure to get a faucet aerator on every faucet. All these Inexpensive appliances save water and heat whilst maintaining water Pressure.
  • Many plants require minimal watering.
  • Walk or bicycle to operate.
  • Consider telecommuting in the Event That You live far out of your job or move closer. Even though this means paying additional lease, it might save your cash in The very long run.
  • Lobby your Regional authorities to With small cost, these Improvements can pay massive dividends in boosting your health and reducing traffic.
  • If you eat meat, then add one meatless meal per week. Meat costs a Good Deal at The shop and it is even more costly once you think about the associated.
  • Purchase locally elevated, humane, and organic eggs, meat, and dairy if it's possible.
  • No matter your daily diet plan, eat low on the food chain. This is particularly accurate for fish.
  • Go on the internet to locate new or gently-used secondhand goods. Whether You have only moved or are wanting to redecorate, think about a service such as craigslistor even Complimentary Sharing to monitor appliances, furniture, and other items cheaply or for free.
  • Check out garage sales, thrift shops, and consignment stores for Clothes and other everyday products. Your purchases have an actual effect, For worse.
  • Of purchasing private books and films. This saves cash, not forgetting The paper and ink which goes into printing new novels. While cutting back on the amount of items cluttering your cupboard or garage.
  • Purchase in bulk. Purchasing food from bulk bins may save yourself cash and packaging.
  • Wear clothing that don't have to be dry-cleaned.
  • Invest in high quality, durable products. You may pay more Now, but you are going to be happy once you don't need to substitute things as.
  • Donate or recycle them when the moment comes. E-waste problem.
  • Recycle your mobile phone.
  • Ask the regional authorities to install an electronic recyclingand hazardous waste collection event.
Do it yourself
Do it yourself
  • The big key: you can make really powerful, non-toxic cleaning Products whenever you want them. All you will need are a Couple of easy Ingredients such as baking soda, lemon, vinegar, and soap.
  • Making your home cleaning products saves time, packaging along with your indoor air quality.

Grease Trap Maintenance Dos & Don'ts

Maintaining your grease trap is extremely important to keep your restaurant or business operating properly. And with Covid restrictions being lifted, it's exciting to hear many restaurants will be back to operating at full capacity this summer.

Maintaining your grease trap is extremely important to keep your restaurant or business operating properly. And with Covid restrictions being lifted, it's exciting to hear many restaurants will be back to operating at full capacity this summer.

Tips to keep your grease trap working properly all year long

Grease Trap Maintenance Tips from Clean Earth Septic
Maintaining your grease trap is extremely important to keep your restaurant or business operating properly. And with Covid restrictions being lifted, it's exciting to hear many restaurants will be back to operating at full capacity this summer. At Clean Earth Septic Service, we offer professional and affordable grease trap service in Elmira, NY and the surrounding areas. Whether you own a small bakery or you're a franchisee with many stores to manage, we can help keep your grease trap clean and your toilets flushing smoothly! Today, we're sharing some simple do's and don'ts when it comes to your grease trap, so take note.

Do: Hire a Professional

Calling a professional septic and grease maintenance company is your best solution when it comes to grease trap maintenance. Attempting to do it all yourself simply isn’t a feasible option. A professional will make sure the job is done right and we have the equipment to clean out your drain lines and remove any potential clogs. There's a reason they call us professionals. Our technicians are efficient and know how to be compliant with state and federal laws. Plus, we'll take care of all the paperwork.

Don't: Forget to Have Your Grease Trap Cleaned On a Regular Basis

The easiest way to prevent a messy backup is to have your grease trap serviced and inspected regularly. If you’re new to the restaurant business or you’re not sure your small operation needs a grease trap, we’re happy to review your kitchen habits and help you create some best practices for grease and waste removal. The more grease your establishment produces, the more often your trap will need to be serviced. If your menu includes fried food you’ll definitely need to consider a routine maintenance plan. On average, we visit most restaurants every two months - some more often and some less often.

Grease traps are designed to trap fats, oils and grease (FOG), filtering these substances from going down the drain and entering the public sewer line. If your grease trap is not working properly, FOG can solidify and build up inside your pipes. When the build up becomes too much, the FOG can block other particles of food and waste from passing and before you know it you have a major backup in your kitchen. This is why regular maintenance is absolutely necessary when it comes to your restaurant or business.

Do: Make Sure Your Grease Trap Is Properly Installed

It seems obvious that if you have a grease trap, it was properly installed, right? While one would think so, that may not always be the case. Like anything else, a grease trap can be installed incorrectly and that could easily lead to problems in the way it’s doing its job. But how do you tell if your trap is working well or not? The answer is simple. If you’re noticing that your grease trap has little to not grease accumulating in it, something isn’t right and it likely wasn’t installed correctly. If this happens, you should call a professional (like us!) to come check it out. We’re happy to get things installed correctly and review your kitchen habits to help you create some best practices for grease and waste removal.

Don't: Empty Food & Grease Down the Drain

One of the easiest ways to keep things working properly and prevent a backup is to instruct employees, dishwashers and staff to dispose of food waste and grease in the trash - not down the drain. Inevitably grease and debris will make their way down the drain and your grease trap will do its job, but proper waste management will help prevent clogs and backups.

Do: Make Sure You Have Line Jetting Performed by a Professional

High Pressure Jetting or Line Opening is an effective method of pipe cleaning and one of the more crucial parts of preventive grease trap maintenance. With this method, a hose with powerful jets is inserted into the plumbing and water is forced out, in a circular motion, at high pressure (usually 2,000-4,000 lbs. per square inch). This is one of the most effective ways for completely removing debris from pipe walls and should be performed several times a year. We have a line opening vehicle ready to tackle your tough grease trap maintenance needs in Owego, NY and the surrounding Twin Tiers region.

Don't: Expand Your Business Without Expanding Your Grease Trap Capacity

If your business has grown or your menu has changed but your kitchen has not, make sure your trap can handle the amount of waste you’re producing. If you’re not sure how to check, ask one of our friendly technicians. We’re happy to review your kitchen and your trap to make sure everything is functioning properly and that your grease trap is the appropriate size to handle your grease waste needs.

Do: Make sure your food prep and wash sinks are tied into a trap.

Regardless of the types of food you prepare, this will help prevent food particles, grease and debris from going down the drain. If you haven't caught on yet, proper set up and installation of your grease trap is essential! If you're new to the restaurant business and you have questions about how grease maintenance works, just ask us! We've been in the septic and grease disposal business for over a decade so we know a thing or two about grease trap cleaning in Big Flats, NY.

Now that you know what to do and what not to do, the next step is to schedule your grease trap clean out. Give us a call when your grease tank is ready to be emptied or your lines need to be jetted. Our team is standing by! We service Elmira, Owego, Big Flats, Ithaca, Watkins and Waverly NY.

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