• Place your thermostat several degrees lower in winters and a couple of levels high in summers to save heating and cooling expenses.
  • Unplug appliances when you are not using them use a Wise power Strip which sensations when appliances are cuts and off ghost or vampire energy usage.
  • Of the energy utilized to machine clean clothing goes into heating the water.
  • Utilize a drying rack or clothesline to conserve the energy used during system drying.
Non-potable water
Non-potable water
  • Take shorter showers to decrease water usage. This may cut your heating and water bills.
  • They do not cost much, and the energy and water savings can easily repay your investment.
  • Be sure to get a faucet aerator on every faucet. All these Inexpensive appliances save water and heat whilst maintaining water Pressure.
  • Many plants require minimal watering.
  • Walk or bicycle to operate.
  • Consider telecommuting in the Event That You live far out of your job or move closer. Even though this means paying additional lease, it might save your cash in The very long run.
  • Lobby your Regional authorities to With small cost, these Improvements can pay massive dividends in boosting your health and reducing traffic.
  • If you eat meat, then add one meatless meal per week. Meat costs a Good Deal at The shop and it is even more costly once you think about the associated.
  • Purchase locally elevated, humane, and organic eggs, meat, and dairy if it's possible.
  • No matter your daily diet plan, eat low on the food chain. This is particularly accurate for fish.
  • Go on the internet to locate new or gently-used secondhand goods. Whether You have only moved or are wanting to redecorate, think about a service such as craigslistor even Complimentary Sharing to monitor appliances, furniture, and other items cheaply or for free.
  • Check out garage sales, thrift shops, and consignment stores for Clothes and other everyday products. Your purchases have an actual effect, For worse.
  • Of purchasing private books and films. This saves cash, not forgetting The paper and ink which goes into printing new novels. While cutting back on the amount of items cluttering your cupboard or garage.
  • Purchase in bulk. Purchasing food from bulk bins may save yourself cash and packaging.
  • Wear clothing that don't have to be dry-cleaned.
  • Invest in high quality, durable products. You may pay more Now, but you are going to be happy once you don't need to substitute things as.
  • Donate or recycle them when the moment comes. E-waste problem.
  • Recycle your mobile phone.
  • Ask the regional authorities to install an electronic recyclingand hazardous waste collection event.
Do it yourself
Do it yourself
  • The big key: you can make really powerful, non-toxic cleaning Products whenever you want them. All you will need are a Couple of easy Ingredients such as baking soda, lemon, vinegar, and soap.
  • Making your home cleaning products saves time, packaging along with your indoor air quality.

Climate change threatens leatherback sea turtles

A leatherback’s lament.

The post Climate change threatens leatherback sea turtles appeared first on Earth Day.

A leatherback’s lament.

The post Climate change threatens leatherback sea turtles appeared first on Earth Day.

Justin Perrault, Ph.D., is the director of research at Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Florida.

The ocean is a host to millions of species, many that have yet to be discovered. But climate change and environmental stressors are putting even our most recognizable ocean species at risk.

Amid our rapidly changing environment, one of our most familiar, modern-day species is struggling to survive. This crowning jewel of the sea is the endangered leatherback sea turtle. 

To reverse this trend, we must rely on science and research. Surprisingly, despite sea turtles’ longtime existence, sea turtle research is still in its infancy. Today, teams of researchers are racing the clock to discover underlying threats.

Researchers look inside a turtle’s nest. Photo credit: Loggerhead Marinelife Center

One such team is located at Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Florida. Since 2001, we have studied and cataloged the local leatherback population to create a year-over-year sea turtle database. In doing so, we’ve found that leatherback nests, despite rising in number between 2000–2014, have declined over the last six years.

  • 2000-2004: 125 nests
  • 2005-2009: 186 nests
  • 2010-2014: 229 nests
  • 2014-2018: 178 nests

To prevent this ongoing trend, we’re making sure no stone is left unturned to protect this valuable and telling creature. A few of the research projects within our Leatherback Project include…

  • Examining stable isotopes composed of carbon and nitrogen specific to certain areas around the globe, will provide detailed information about the animals’ diet, movements and habitat use
  • Analyzing microplastics in leatherback sea turtle nests
  • Discovering the impacts of endocrine-disrupting chemical plasticizers, or chemicals that disrupt hormone regulation, on leatherback and reproductive success

Leatherbacks also balance our ocean ecosystems. For example, leatherbacks keep jellyfish populations in check. Additionally, leatherbacks maintain healthy coral reefs and funnel critical nutrients to our coastal dunes.

Leatherbacks and sea turtles also serve a larger purpose, shedding light on the health of our oceans. Everything that’s affecting our livelihood — from what we eat to the 50 percent of the oxygen the ocean supplies — is being foretold through our sea turtles.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center is one of the longest-running sea turtle monitoring programs in the state of Florida. And astoundingly, Palm Beach County accounts for approximately 30 percent of the leatherback nests laid in the state.

The hub of leatherback nesting is at our fingertips to study. But how we provide lifesaving work hinges on the support from people everywhere.

Help keep more leatherbacks coming on our shores: Donate to sea turtle research. Learn more at Earth Day Network’s Conservation and Biodiversity campaign.  

Photos above courtesy of Loggerhead Marinelife Center. All photos have been acquired under a FWC permit with LMC.

The post Climate change threatens leatherback sea turtles appeared first on Earth Day.

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